Enjoying business challenges with diverse experience in various fields and finding the right answers, are Adam’s strengths. His excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate staff, by allowing them to grow and gain experience and confidence in a positive united manner, in this constructive manner achieves the desired results. The saying “the devil is in the detail” is certainly one that Adam applies to all the work he executes.

Thirty seven years’ experience in the Construction, Building and Opencast Mining industries at two major construction companies, LTA – South Africa (14 years) & Basil Read (Member of the International Bouygues Group) (21 years). Starting in the Internal Audit division, promoted to Holding Company Accountant, Cost & Management Accountant, Financial Manager/ Director and AGF(Administration, General and Financial) – Namibia. Holding positions as Chief Financial Officer/Director and General Manager. Having spent the greater part of his career at Basil Read Head Office, he has also had on-site experience on multi-billion Dollar projects as well as small projects. Financial, Project Administration & Costing fields. Encompassing Financial matters from tender stage, setting up of the company’s infrastructure, conversion of tender to objective (budget /allowables), costing, HR (Trade Union negotiations) implementing financial and group control mechanisms, setting up sites at start of the project, day to day operations on site, internal audits, Sub-Contractor Payments, etc. to final account and winding up of various Companies. Opening & closing bank accounts, accounts, transfer of funds,


finalisation of tax & V.A.T movement of plant and assets – cross-border) upon completion of the contract. Designing and implementing systems, policies and procedures, training and ensuring adherence to the same is an area where Adam excels. He has also designed, specified & developed (with IT Programmers) Project and Plant Costing software solutions for Basil Read. Working in large and small companies provides versatility for S&S Business Consultants with responsibilities spanning the entire financial spectrum


  • DRAKON Pumped storage Scheme
  • De Aar Ammunitions Depot
  • Nigeria – Housing -Mass
  • Kuruman- Housing
  • Botswana Assmang Phoenix Nickle Mine- Opencast Mining- RSA, Swaziland Botswana, Lesotho
  • Zambia – Konkola Civils/ Shaft sinking
  • Katima Molilo, Rooi Els- Civils
  • Mozambique-Mozal
  • Hong Kong -Mass Transit Railway (MTR)
  • Mozambique –   Hotel



  • Olive Estate
  • Fruit Packing


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